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Dark Fury
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Dark Fury is a browser-based online MMORPG with medium graphics, a classic storyline and turn-based combat. Let's start with the fact that the special effects in the game are not very beautiful and the appearance, in general, leaves much to be desired.


It seems that the scriptwriter of the game just decided to turn the whole history of foggy Albion upside down, adding 99% of his thoughts to it. This is how the plot is perceived: King Arthur was betrayed, the chosen one was called (it was you who entered the game), while the evil gods used the Blade of Armageddon and let the demons into the medieval world. You have to figure everything out, suppress rebellions, restore people's faith in a brighter future, defeat all the demons and become a contender for the throne. In general, it sounds good, it's a pity that you are forced to do all this.


Management in the game is represented only by the mouse, so the keyboard can be put aside. The most difficult thing you will have to face is a lot of interface icons. The battles are turn-based, but you don't have to choose an opponent, the system does it by itself. The only thing you get: dressing up the character, placing skills and pumping.

There are only 2 classes in the game: Warrior and Mage. They differ mainly only in their role. Warrior is a born tank, giving a stun on opponents. Mage - Deals high AOE damage and has low survivability. In addition to choosing a hero, we are also presented with a choice of a large number of diverse team members: here are the blade masters, more warriors and mages, healers and shooters.

For fans of PvP and PvE, there are Arenas and various dungeons, the passage of which gives certain rewards.

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