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Dark Orbit
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DarkOrbit is a game with its own character. It stubbornly tries to look like a simple browser, but at the same time it has a gameplay that is often lacking in full-fledged client games. There is no AFK-pumping and auto-battles - only constant action under which a deeply built system of pumping, resources and values ​​is hidden.

According to the plot, in DarkOrbit, humanity settled throughout the solar system and continued to develop. But soon the resources became scarce and three powerful corporations started a war. Based on Mars, Earth and Venus, they continued the bloody war and here we do not enter into battle ... We are offered to act as mercenaries to one of the parties to the conflict, which, unfortunately, do not have any other differences except externally. Therefore, it is worth choosing only for beauty.

The game starts with a welcome window - this is the site menu where you can purchase various equipment, ships, etc. Then, having selected the first mission on the map, we set off on an introductory flight. The NPCs here are not so harsh, and the battles between clans are infrequent.

Among the features, you can also highlight all sorts of improvements to your ship and research, including passive characteristics. Donat is a huge plus, as it should be in all free-to-play games - unobtrusive, inexpensive and with the possibility of obtaining all the things in the game itself. Here, things bought with real money can be purchased for uridium, the production of which is not limited in any way.

Today, more than 29 million people have registered in DarkOrbit, and there are about 80 thousand online players, which symbolizes the suitability and quality of the project.

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