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Dark Relic: Prelude
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Review of the game Dark Relic: Prelude

Dark Relic: Prelude is a new sandbox mmorpg game. This project has taken on the daunting task of bringing the RPG genre back into the MMO space. Experts from the indie company Triad Game Studios decided to do this hard work. In their opinion, the novelty will be based largely on elements of the role-playing plan, although other important aspects of the MMO genre are also assumed here, for example, PvP and PvE modes. Without them, the existence of a game in this genre is simply impossible.

Game Features

The project will have all the traditional elements of the famous Dungeons & Dragons series. In general, the game includes such standard things for any mmorpg as crafting, gathering, achievements, skill tree and mounts. However, the traditional class system, which we have repeatedly written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website, is completely absent here. Therefore, players are given the opportunity to engage in the development of their character in any direction, adjusting the skill tree at their discretion. The class is selected only as the hero develops. In addition, players will be able to see in Dark Relic: Prelude the division into 4 races, the guild system, clan halls and the possibility of building houses.

Development stages

The project is currently in its sixth development phase. In total, the developers have outlined 12 such stages. Interestingly, according to the authors themselves, Dark Relic: Prelude can be considered just a prelude to a more serious project that will be developed immediately after the final release of the game.

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