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Dark Swords
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Dark Swords is a classic text-based fantasy browser-based MMORPG developed by the English studio High Tower Entertainment. The project has the typical five types of races available, these are humans, orcs, dwarves, elves and drow - magical creatures. The plot of the game takes place on Tarassos, the only continent in the world of Dark Swords. The Mysterious and Rainbow Kingdoms have long existed on this land, which have been waging a bloody war for the entire period of their existence. The player is also invited to take on the role of a hero, which will stop the bloodshed by achieving the victory of one of the parties.

Each faction in this MMORPG has its own central city where the game starts. At first, the player will have to swarm the auction house in search of the most seedy weapons and armor, and then go clean the sewers from monsters in turn-based battles. However, later, as he progresses, PvP fights with other users will become available to him, where you can not only improve your combat skills, but also earn extra money by robbing defeated opponents and climbing the overall rating table.

If you do not pay attention to all the "text" and "table" of the Dark Swords project, then looking at the possibilities, the game looks good. It can also be seen that the pictures of characters, enemies and NPCs are well-drawn and do not cause nausea, and the landscapes are, at times, mesmerizing. All these aspects together create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, forcing you not to pay attention to many disadvantages.

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