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Any experienced MMO player entering a new game immediately looks for such important components as the hero editor and a tutorial in which you can learn the main features of the gameplay. At the same time, games are periodically observed where all these moments simply do not exist. These important components may be missing due to their unique design or because they may have been redundant at the time the game was created. The game DarkEden refers just to those old projects in which many familiar modern things simply did not exist. It was established in 1997. A detailed description of this game is available on the MMOTOP.ORG website. DarkEden is actually a contemporary of Diablo, in which no one thought about the hero editor either.

Game Features

In appearance, the picture DarkEden is close to Diablo. The picture here also includes isometric textures, three-pixel heroes and dark dungeons. When creating your character, you can choose between three races: Vampire, Ouster and Slayer. Vampires are the key race here, as most of the game is devoted to the battle of these creatures and people.

Each class has not only a unique play style, but also an individual leveling mechanism. For example, for vampires, a classic system is offered, consisting of many levels. At the same time, for characters of the Slayers race, the level of development of a particular skill directly depends on the frequency of use. The race of vagrants (Ousters) has a combined type of pumping.


The most bloodthirsty and at the same time the most common race are vampires. This is due to the fact that these characters are the most powerful. In addition, there is an interesting feature - after killing a vampire, you get a debuff that can remain on the body of your hero and after 12 hours turns him into a vampire. Therefore, after the battles in PvP mode, it is better not to leave immediately, but to undergo purification. Otherwise, the next time you visit the game, you will be surprised that your hero has become a vampire. Another advantage of vampires is that they don't need to carry any weapons to fight. Such a frank imbalance filled the world of DarkEden with these bloodthirsty creatures.

Graphic arts

As for the graphics, in DarkEden it is simply terrible, by modern standards, of course. Graphics work with a resolution of 1024x768, while differing in plain textures and clumsy animation. Although, in 1997 it simply could not be otherwise. Therefore, it remains to be guessed, due to which this old project was able to survive to this day. Perhaps the reason for this was the inveterate fans of the game or simply the owners of very old computers on which newer games simply do not work.

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