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Review of the game Darkfall: Unholy Wars

The developers of the Aventutine studio really inspire respect. After the disastrous release of Darkfall, they did not become discouraged and close the project, but carried out a total work on the bugs, carried out a huge number of tests and optimizations, and added the missing elements. As a result, a damned ambitious project, so eager to fall into the "true hardcore" category, was born for the second time and acquired the Unholy Wars prefix.

Game world

The game world in Darkfall: Unholy Wars is incredibly huge and completely seamless. An interesting feature is the lack of any way to quickly move between locations, which means that you will have to overcome huge areas of terrain on foot or on a mount, which visually greatly increases the size of the world.


The class system in Darkfall: Unholy Wars has shifted noticeably towards the classical side, prompting the player to choose a role (like a class). Additionally, it will be possible to choose two schools - primary and indirect. But these changes may disappoint some fans of the original. there we could learn absolutely any skills, any of our characters.

Graphics and interface

The interface has been radically redesigned, it has become much friendlier and prettier, it has become much more convenient to navigate the game. Graphically, the game is also pleasing: dynamic lighting, an advanced shadow system, smoothed shaders.


The loot system has not changed, you can still lose your entire inventory due to one death. The decision is rather dubious, because it was because of this that the first Darkfall once lost the lion's share of its subscribers, including MMOTOP.ORG users. However, this is what made the game so unique and exciting, it was this unreal hardcore - all or nothing. Of the similar projects on the modern market, there is perhaps EVE Online.


To date, Darkfall: Unholy Wars is a rather ambitious fantasy sandbox that claims to be a premium game. The development team succeeded in everything that they wanted to implement in the first part, albeit not the first time.

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