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Darkrima is a nice-looking MMORPG for playing in the browser, which is home to the administrative region of China - Hong Kong. In the game, the gamer is given the opportunity to do nothing and lazily watch how his ward moves, takes quests, picks up loot and fights on his own. Someone calls the automated gameplay interesting, someone does not like it, in any case, the player here can only choose equipment and skills, as well as click on the player he likes to start PvP.

Mobs in Darkrima are not dangerous, so you can always leave the hero for a few hours, so that he "pumped" to the fullest, and you come and make your choice regarding new skills and equipment. Then you can already go to the PvP arena. The game has beautiful graphics that not only look modern, but also seasoned with a large number of animations with special effects in order to watch the automatic adventure as comfortably as possible.

In general, Darkrima is a classic version of browser games, where doing nothing is the norm, and the target audience is represented by office workers.

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