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Review of the game DarkScape

DarkScape is a project that was conceived as a hardcore continuation of the popular MMORPG Runescape and for the first time offered fans uncontrolled, free PvP. The game contains all the previous content of the original, including patches and updates from 2015, but the development of DarkScape since then has been carried out separately from the mother and absolutely free. If the player has a subscription to Runescape, then he will receive additional experience, loot, the ability to use an extended bank and the ability to save any item after death in the singular - in a world where killing is not considered a sin.

Cities are considered the only relatively safe place in the game, but even here the users themselves can pile on the guards, and then those whom they consider their enemies. In other locations, there is a gradation in terms of mortality: low, medium and high. Zones fraught with rare resources belong to the highest level. Also, the authors of the project have limited the ability to teleport and now you can transfer your mortal body only in the absence of objects.

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