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Game review Darkwind: War on Wheels

Every gamer has probably played turn-based games at one time or another. For example, there are turn-based strategies, turn-based action games or RPGs. However, there were no turn-based races before today. And now, in the face of Darkwind: War on Wheels, such a game has appeared. This race is not just a classic turn-based game, it was also developed as an advanced MMO. You can find interesting information about the new product on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

game plot

The events in the game unfold around a powerful solar flare, as a result of which our planet was almost completely destroyed. However, as always, few people remained who remained to exist in the destroyed mradioactive world. At the same time, after the destroyed civilization, a lot of different advanced technology and high-tech equipment remained.

All this led to the fact that this technique was used for sports racing competitions. The vast radioactive deserts are now traveled by road pirates in all sorts of vehicles, which they have equipped with powerful weapons. Therefore, the player in Darkwind: War on Wheels is assigned the role of just such a motorist.


Judging by the plot of the game in Darkwind: War on Wheels, the main gameplay is the battles between cars. Interestingly, the gameplay has a clear division into two components. The first of them in the form of a web interface allows for strategic planning. The second component is a high-quality 3D mode with exciting races and battles. It is clear that racing is not the only activity in the game. Darkwind: War on Wheels gives players the opportunity to actively travel around the game world and collect weapons and equipment from defeated opponents. In addition, you can join various gangs and fight in team battles as part of them.

There are currently 8 settlements available for players, each with their own battle racing tracks. Relatively recently, the creators of Darkwind: War on Wheels gave players the opportunity to set up their own camps, where they could grow food, get water, and create weapons and repair equipment.

Web interface

An important component in Darkwind: War on Wheels is the web interface. With it, the user can manage financial flows, hire heroes or engage in a team garage. Using the interface, you can train your hero in various peaceful and combat skills.

For example, the game has skills such as shooting, mechanics, driving, first aid, and more. All this has a certain connection with real time. That is, to cure the hero, it will be necessary to spend more than one real day. The repair and modernization of vehicles is also carried out for a long time. The formation of the market also takes quite a long time. When it is created, everything depends on the actions of specific players. For example, if a team does not control certain territories, then they will not be able to access certain weapons.

step-by-step component

The player encounters the turn-based system directly in the races. It can be roughly divided into two phases. In the first command phase, the user is determined by the behavior of his vehicle, its speed, the use of a particular weapon, and so on. The second phase is to implement the assigned tasks.

Variety Darkwind: War on Wheels

Darkwind: War on Wheels offers a wide variety of vehicles. In total, there are more than fifty different cars in the game, including minicars, sedans, jeeps and even trucks. In addition, for these machines, you can choose one of the 14 types of engines presented in the game. The arsenal of weapons is also impressive. Everything is here, from simple rams to powerful flamethrowers. At the same time, the creators want to make Darkwind: War on Wheels even more diverse by using psychic boosters, medicines in the game, as well as by adding new locations and competitions. That is, in the future the game will become even more interesting.

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