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Dawn of the Dragons
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Dawn of the Dragons is a retro and fantasy RPG with a focus on mobile gadgets. The plot is based on the kingdom of Western Krun, which has the trouble of dragons, who control the Villainous Army that has invaded the territory of the kingdom. All those who should defend their homeland, unfortunately, fled. Of the defenders, there was only a simple peasant armed with a pitchfork, roaming the RPG for at least thirty years and instead of sowing and other works, destroying the army of Evil on a gratuitous basis.

Your character will have a difficult path from a peasant to a hero. So, he needs to survive in battles with werewolves, huge spiders, trolls and other creatures. The battles in Dawn of the Dragons are straightforward, everything is accessible and understandable. To achieve victory, you need to press the "Attack" button, the rest of the game will do itself. Thanks to this system of combat, the quality of equipment comes first, which is why the better the character is dressed, the easier it will be for you to destroy evil spirits.

In addition to upgrading the character, the game is replete with other rather interesting moments. These are pet development, PvP, custom guilds and, of course, crafting. The icing on the cake is the ability to summon the most ferocious bosses to the war room, where you can fight them with your friends.

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