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Overview of the game DK Online

DK Online is another Korean game from Aeria Games with all the traditional components of such projects. Of course, many will not like this, since there is no novelty and uniqueness in the game. However, for the majority, this is a plus, since the entire gameplay will become clear from the first minutes of the game. Here you will see the same NPCs with question marks above their heads, heaps of mobs that are waiting for them to be systematically destroyed.

Project Features

The main feature of DK Online is a well-thought-out quest system, which allows you not to engage in the total extermination of hordes of monsters. Each task will allow you to kill several dozen monsters and get a good increase in experience level for this. The game looks pretty good, there are high-quality graphics with grass and flowers detailing, well-designed physics, and an interesting map. At the same time, the interface in DK Online is quite clear and convenient. Using skills is also convenient, since the skill icons are large enough here, which makes it possible to simply poke them with the mouse.

Battle system

Battles in DK Online look pretty standard, and the mobs are strong and have decent damage. Here, opponents will not die from the first blow and will actively fight back. All this makes you use various healing potions and other similar things. At the same time, you will not see any combo attacks or non-target. In DK Online, you simply click on a mob, use a certain skill, and wait until it is destroyed.

The PvP mode in the game also looks quite typical - the same solo battles, fortress sieges and exciting RvR battles. This whole set, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, makes DK Online a fairly strong middle peasant that will miss the stars from the sky, but at the same time it will definitely gain fans and will not die in the short term.

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