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Deepolis is a Sci-Fi MMORPG project where the player takes on the role of the captain of a submarine. According to the plot, all the land on Earth quickly went under water, only the smartest and richest representatives of mankind survived. Of course, in different parts of the planet there were different concentrations of people, and so three independent races were formed: Nauts (surviving scientist-engineers living at the two poles of the planet: North and South), Jafnars (military and oil workers from Siberia and Japan) and Zions (biologists living almost on the surface of the water).

The gameplay of Deepolis is quite similar to that of another famous Big Point game called Dark Orbit. However, in this case, Deepolis came out much later, which means it took into account all the mistakes and became more thoughtful and easy to learn. Low-level players here are immune to damage from other users, and can also change race at any time. You have to play with a submarine, of which there are nine types. All submarines also carry two weapons, sonar guns and torpedoes.

Well, since this is an MMORPG, there is a pumping of your submarine, the possibility of joining alliances, completing quests, mass battles, underwater settlements, as well as interesting events constantly arranged by the administration. At the moment, there are more than 100 million registered users in the game, about 100 thousand playing at the same time. So, in general, I believe that you can’t find a better estimate for the idea and gameplay.

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