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Review of the game Dekaron

Dekaron is a classic Korean project inspired by European themes and dark fantasy. There are gloomy locations, a lot of bloody scenes and a free PvP mode.

Main differences

The Dekaron project does not offer its players the opportunity to choose a race, since there is essentially only one here. True, there are seven classes at once. The typical Azure Knight tank is a truly masculine character, using heavy iron weapons in combat and constantly exposing his head to blows. There is also a classic female Segnale class in the game. This is a real vampire, using all kinds of curses to attack and having a healing ability. Another female character is Incar Magician, who fights with wands and uses various magics. Segita Hunter is a mixture of an archer and a hunter. Can quickly get close to the enemy and plunge a sharp dagger into him. Of the male heroes, it is worth highlighting the magician Vicious Summoner, who uses various combat creatures to attack. There is another not-too-remarkable male class, the Bagi Warrior, which has the ability to combo attacks. The most difficult class to master is Aloken. This is a female character who fights in close combat and uses magic.


All other gaming moments in Dekaron are absolutely typical for all Korean games. There are four traditional base stats here, namely strength, agility, health, and spirit. The game has the ability to join guilds. The PvP mode here is quite free and available outside of peaceful areas. For fans of large-scale battles, Dekaron is ready to offer fortress sieges. However, the basis of the gameplay is still pure grinding without any hint of a plot.

An interesting feature of the game is the item upgrade system, which is often handled by high level players. The developers even built an mp3 player into the game, with which you can listen to your favorite tracks while playing. Of course, this can be done with the help of such simple programs as Winamp, but still.


The Dekaron project is absolutely free. This is due to the fact that the developers received the main profit from advertising, which is present inside the game. Basically, you can turn it off if you want. Although, it is better not to do this, since without advertising, the speed of character leveling is significantly reduced. You will not find anything useful in the game store, and therefore the balance of the game is practically not disturbed due to the infusion of real money.

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