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Demon Crusade is an MMORPG in colorful colors, which is a symbiosis of classic RPG, side-scrolling and turn-based tactics. The action takes place in a magical Other World with a lot of kind, and sometimes extremely cute demons.

But don't let their appearance fool you, as they mercilessly kill the inhabitants of cities, ruins, and other places. The cruelty of the demons is explained by the fact that they must protect the Drum Demons, whose death will result in terrible consequences, but we will not know what, since there are more than enough defenders and those suffering to save the Temple, and each of them tries to fulfill his duties better than others.

To begin with, the gameplay prompts the player to decide on the choice of character class, it can be a Warrior, Ranger or Mage. This is followed by a long journey through quests, combined into one exciting story with new acquaintances, battles and interesting finds. The storyline links together a number of continents and several hundred instances, in the darkness of which gamers are waiting for all the characters of the fantasy world: from dangerous plants to dragons that can destroy anything with their flames.

At the initial stages, you will have to fight the enemy alone, but after that, a whole army of assistants and comrades will stand behind you, and pets, of which more than forty species are represented in the project, will find shelter in a backpack behind your shoulders. The battles are implemented in a step-by-step automatic mode, but you can influence the outcome of the battle by determining the placement of the squad members before the start of the battle. At the moment of the fight, you watch the characters as if you were watching an action movie - a cartoon.

The main emphasis in Demon Crusade is on character development, so most of the time you will spend on learning skills, improving equipment and pumping characters. To this end, the developers of Demon Hunters have provided a lot of features such as crafting and inserting gems, improving the basic characteristics of Demon Wings, sharpening armor and weapons, and creating a collection of card shards that add new skills to heroes.

If you have collected your characters to the fullest, then the game can offer you not only the passage of quests, but also battles in the arena with no less experienced and pumped players, both in single and in group modes.

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