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Demon Hunter Legion
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Demon Hunter Legion is an isometric Chinese MMORPG built on the great and mighty Unreal Engine 3. The game has been in development for several years, and most recently the second CBT of the project took place, after which the OBT is expected with a short break.

The game is made in anime-fantasy style, so lovers of kawaii and dragons are in business. There are currently four character classes to choose from: a warrior, a mage, an archer, and the owner of a two-handed axe. You will have to travel through all types of biomes, mountains and forests, snow-covered and hot deserts, and the locations here are made in the form of instances, which, although it makes the game linear, is also more detailed due to hand-drawn locations.

In general, the project can be called suitable. Therefore, we wish Seasun Entertainment good luck and wait for the OBT, because only it will allow us to make a final verdict and see what happens in the end: another Chinese miracle with pieces of plagiarism, or a new unique project with its own twist.

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