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Demon Seals
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Game review Demon Seals

There are a total of twelve demonic seals. Destroying them all will allow you to unlock the solutions to the four puzzles that will help you complete the game. Every time you find a seal, use the Batclaw to grab it. Then press A, and Batman will destroy the seal.

How to search?

You may have some trouble finding the other three seals at the top level of Wonder Tower. The first one can be found right after using the elevator. Next, climb to the roof and look there. It would be best if you found the seal after visiting the lookout.

The second seal can be found after reaching the southern observation deck. All you have to do is turn around and look. The final seal can be found and destroyed after starting the ascent. To be precise, after reaching the place, you can pass through the portal that transports you to the ground, to the lower level. Do this and find the seal. Watch the game on MMOTOP.ORG.

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