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Demon Slayer is a fantasy MMORPG with an isometric view, made in a browser-based format. The game was developed by the Chinese company Hoolai Games, which means that dragons, treasure hunts, armored cars, travel, and also wars with demons will undoubtedly await you. At the same time, there are elements of strategy in the game, such as the development of the city and the formation of your own armies.

At the beginning, you must choose one of the three classes of heroes, it can be a mage, warrior or archer. I think it’s not worth explaining what each of them can do, just as it’s not worth explaining the basics of the gameplay, since the training in the game is done at a high-quality level and will tell you about all the nuances that haunt the player. Since this is an MMORPG with strategy elements, one of the most important elements of the game will be the city that is offered to each user. Resources are mined in the city and troops are produced for battles with demons and other players.

The battles themselves are made in a step-by-step mode, like the Heroes of Might and Magic, where a lot also depends on the hands. But first, you need to select the territory on the map for capture or robbery, and then just join the battle. Of course, any action in the MMO does not go unpunished, which means that, along with a significant influx of funds, you can make a lot of enemies for yourself. This is for PvP lovers, for PvE's there are various peaceful actions, such as growing vegetables on their farms, and this is not an easy task and it has its own interesting nuances. By the way, gardening brings the same good income as robberies, or even more, so doing it is quite profitable.

As for society, it is well developed in Demon Slayer: there are group dungeons, huge armored raid bosses, PvP between guilds. The balance in the game is also well developed and even the donation does not interfere with it, since money can only buy the acceleration of the development of the city and its own pumping. The result of all this is the recognition of the game all over the world as a high-quality and interesting MMORPG.

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