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Demonest is a fantasy MMORPG from domestic developers with an exciting storyline and turn-based combat. The developers of this fan - project is the studio Brutgame Interactive. The game passed beta tests in 2014 and now pleases goth fans with dark stories and fights with enemies in 3D.

The plot of the game develops within the world of Demonest, which survived the local end of the world. While the two warring groups were sorting out relations with each other, the earth opened up, taking the best fighters into its depths and releasing terrible monsters to replace them, which spread around the district and began to attack the locals. Those who survived were forced to seek refuge in caves and behind high barriers built by their own hands. As you may have guessed, you have to become one of these "survivors" and make sorties out of hiding, armed with a sword, club and other weapons, gradually clearing the world from hordes of demons.

All monsters and demons in Demonest are required to gain experience. Here, the developers have chosen the path beaten by many other MMO developments, where by destroying monsters the character accumulates loot and prepares for the main dish - PvP, which is implemented by turn-based battles presented in 3D. Perhaps this is what distinguishes the project from other browser games. Thus, we not only read about the fact that the character hit the enemy for 100 hp, but also see the process with our own eyes. The option definitely adds to the pluses of the game, especially against the background of the behavior of the characters, which sometimes looks like that of a drunk chimpanzee.

All battles in the game take place under the flag of ideology (with meaning). This is due to the fact that a break in the earth's crust appeared allegedly due to a global war unleashed by the Order of the Skrits, which served to divide the inhabitants into two groups. The first of them, the Janurs, believe that the instigators of the massacre should perish in hell, the second, the Dragfars, support the great order and classify all others as traitors and cowards. That is why the meeting of representatives of these orders does not promise anything other than massacre and severe injuries.

The project provides an opportunity to stay away from the opposition of factions. To do this, you will need to choose 1 of the 5 orders presented and remain neutral at the same time. But in this case, you can fall victim to the warriors of both factions. For pacifists to the core, Demonest also offers options for a peaceful life, but do not think that you will not have to kill monsters - you will, but in smaller quantities, since your main task will be to stay in the city and enrich yourself through trade and crafting.

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