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Dengen Chronicles
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Overview of the game Dengen Chronicles

Dengen Chronicles is an intriguing symbiosis of RPG and card game with story development set in the manga universe. Well, the TCG developers have made anime fans the happiest people by turning their attention to them.

From MMORPG, the game borrowed a class system that offers gamers four types of heroes within the project: Ninja, Fantasy, School and Robot. You may be surprised that mages, ninjas and robots live in a single space, but during the game these features will be clarified. It all started with the fact that one incompetent wizard set out to capture the Kokoro crystal, which, as it turned out, is responsible for harmony and balance between the worlds. But the unfortunate magician did not cope with the idea, which resulted in the destruction of the crystal and the merging of the worlds into a single whole.

In addition, Dengen Chronicles not only distinguished itself by an interesting result of the merger of TCG and RPG, the project also boasts a fascinating style, through the efforts of which each battle appears in the form of a comic and manga style with animated fights, as well as caressing the ear with music. Thus, the game is of some interest, especially for fans of anime culture.

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