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Destiny Online
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Destiny Online Review

Destiny Online is a socially oriented MMORPG made in an anime style. This game is designed mainly for those who like to communicate online. Of course, there are other components of online games in this project. For example, here you can hunt mobs or fight other real players.

The plot of the game

The basis of the plot of the game is an interesting Asian legend, which spoke about the 10 sons of God. These sons wanted to become 10 suns that could freely frolic in the sky. As a result, the earth became very hot, and in order to destroy these suns, an archer hero appeared on earth. He immediately fired 9 fire arrows and destroyed 9 suns at the same time. The slain sons of God turned into 9 golden feathers, which scattered to all corners of the world. Therefore, if you collect all 9 feathers, you can gain the powers of God. It is their search that players in Destiny Online will be engaged in.

Game classes

There are 5 classes in Destiny Online: Swordsman, Warrior, Wizard, Taoist and Priest. For example, the Swordsman is a ranged character with an extended sword. The Wizard is the most powerful ranged class. The Warrior is considered a typical melee fighter. The Priest can heal other characters, while the Taoist can cast curses. Each of these classes can fight both independently and in a team.

Game modes

The PvP mode in Destiny Online includes battles in special arenas. One-on-one battles or in a team are available at these locations. In addition, you can join clans and organize large-scale battles in which the main goal is to control territories.

Game Features

The main feature of the game can be considered the dependence of profit on how much time you spend online. That is, the more time you play, the more money you get. That is, if you decide to start playing Destiny Online, then you will have to spend all your free time playing this game.

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