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Devilian Mobile
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Overview of the game Devilian Mobile

Devilian is a dark isometric MMORPG explicitly designed for mobile devices. There are quite a few differences from the PC version, except perhaps in the graphical component. Otherwise, it's still the same Devilian with its demonic awakening system, diablo-like hack'n'slash combat, PvP, and PvE components.

The game begins with the choice of one of three character classes: the magnificent Elin, an alien from another dimension. Ayla, a chakram-wielding battle mage, and Kaylar, a fierce warrior who destroys everything in his path. After creating a character, we are, as usual, asked to save the world from countless hordes of demons.

The character's level increases mainly from killing mobs, so you can't get enough quests. But the grind is fascinating, thanks to the system of demonic transformation. The appearance of a demon adds a lot of strength and unique skills, after which, as a rule, no one survives. The skills are learned with the help of stones - Devils charged with dark energy and which fall out of killed mobs.

The gameplay has a reasonably clear line between the storyline, location grind, and PvP arena, which gives quite a lot of space for PvE fans and fans to kill other players, not allowing them to interfere with each other and distract from business.

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