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Overview of the game Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower is a new browser-based isometric MMORPG from 101XP in the style of dark fantasy. The plot is classic: the evil Gods plunged the world into chaos and constant wars, populated it with vile creatures. But the brave heroes did not agree to put up with such a fate and decided to give a tough rebuff...

We can choose one of the three heroes of the standard classes: a warrior mage and an archer, available at the very beginning. The game has pretty nice graphics for a browser, battles take place in real time, and 400 levels of pumping will not let even the most avid gamers get bored. For PvP lovers, the developers have prepared clan and guild wars, PvE lovers have access to an open world and many dungeons with various quests.

Of the features, we can distinguish: a huge number of items (more than 100 thousand), automatic passage of the game and customizable auto-battle.

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