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Die2Nite is a quirky text-based online browser game that requires players to work hard as a team to survive in a harsh, post-apocalyptic world. The project takes place in a randomly generated small town with a population of only forty people. To protect themselves from the walking dead, players must explore new areas in search of provisions and weapons, as well as build various fortifications. The gameplay of the game is turn-based: first the players go and only then the zombies.

Each user at the start has their own shelter with a small amount of supplies and if, for example, the owner of the shelter dies, then another user can enjoy easy money and put it in a local bank (general warehouse), where further distribution of loot will take place.

The resources needed for defensive structures players need to get in special zones - wastelands. They have to search them personally, because of which the likelihood of being eaten by zombies increases markedly. Although, if you have a rich set of weapons, which here starts from banal legs from chairs and fat cats to machine guns, then you will arrange genocide.

The teamwork itself, which was mentioned at the beginning, usually takes place on the project forum, where defense and attack issues are resolved. And especially active users who manage to survive for five days receive the Hero Title, which allows them to choose a free profession that increases their chances of survival.

In general, Die2Nite will appeal to all fans of the text browser genre and hardcore fans who can challenge the game on a daily basis, because staying here for five days is clearly not an easy task.

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