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Digimon Battle
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Overview of the game Digimon Battle

All those who were fond of Pokemon as a child will surely enjoy this game. In fact, the Digimon that are the main characters here are the same Pokémon. The Digital Monsters series was released in 2002 and it was on its basis that the Digimon Battle game was created. This project is a clone of another well-known Pocket Monsters series. In this project, digital pets have replaced pocket Pokemon for us, the original Satoshi Tajiri series about which ended in 2002.

Creating a game

Therefore, enterprising Koreans from the online entertainment industry decided to take this popular Pokemon idea as a basis and present it in an MMO format. All this was done with real childish fanaticism, which led to the emergence of a truly original project, which was called Digimon Battle. This game is more designed for children's audience, so adults will not like it.

Game Features

In Digimon Battle you will see the minimum number of polygons and maximum special effects. In addition, the game features a plasticine picture and bright colors. Such a set will surely appeal to schoolchildren or kindergartners. The combat system in the game is even more primitive than everything else in the game. And this is despite the fact that the developers consider the main advantage of the project. The performance of the heroes practically does not affect everything that happens in the game. Therefore, the one who has the best control over his fingers wins.

However, the brightness of the picture and the riot of colors still take their toll and the children are left crazy about the Digimon rubber pets. Yes, and parents looking for entertainment for their children, this game will appeal. There are no bloody scenes or severed legs.

Technical specifications

Despite its simplicity, the Digimon Battle project client is over 1 GB in size. At the same time, it is not at all clear where such a large size of the client came from. And this is taking into account two-dimensional graphics and a resolution of 800x600. During character creation, you will be offered four classes of trainers, each of which will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Although in fact the differences are more related to the appearance of the characters.

Game process

After you have created a character, you will be sent to real life in the form of a virtual world consisting of 15 zones. It is here that you will look for your digimon, which you will then have to lasso and tame. After getting a pet, players get access to turn-based battles, which are more like dog fights. In them you can fight with both real players and NPC characters. When the latter are destroyed, players receive a certain increase in experience. Each user can control up to three Digimon at the same time. They will be managed using a simple and intuitive interface, more designed for children.


According to MMOTOP.ORG website, Digimon Battle managed to garner a huge audience in South Korea thanks in large part to the success of the Pokémon animated series. In fact, the project does not look like something of high quality and original, and therefore it is hardly worth stopping your attention on it.

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