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Dino Storm is a project that has inherited all the features of classic MMORPGs with MMOFPS elements (with the exception of non-target). The unique combination of the wild west setting in the gameplay with future technologies and extinct dinosaurs, as well as a mixture of genres, gives reason to say that Dino Storm has a great future.

The gameplay starts with customizing your character. By choosing the color of skin and clothes, as well as the size of the hat and saddle, you will be given the opportunity to explore the prairie, raid wild dinosaur nests and fight with large specimens. The dinosaur on which you have to move will evolve over time, so it also needs to be pumped. Pumping is extremely important, as it will affect the speed of movement, health indicator, damage multiplier and endurance. Dinosaur species are represented in large numbers. The game focuses mainly on PvE, while PvP plays a secondary role in Dino Storm.

In general, the project looks extremely interesting due to the unhurried gameplay, pleasant country music and original setting, and several thousand people play it.

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