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At one time, the browser-based MMORPG Discord managed to make a fuss among fans of such games. To some, the plot will seem simple (in short: it's just a classic confrontation), someone will say a typical combat system, and someone will complain about the isometric camera. And those who think so will be partly right, but the bottom line is that the developers still managed to reinvent the wheel and the game initially jumped in the ratings of browser-based MMORPGs.

First of all, I would like to talk about classes. There are five of them in the game and all of them are combined with each race, forming unique features for each class. Warrior is a classic melee fighter, with good defense and attack, he acts as a tank capable of destroying enemy defenses (if he has time, of course). The Wizard is a true DD (damaging), as always with low health and strong vulnerability. Wizards are the main shock units of any group. The healer (maybe a necromancer) exercises control over opponents and casts strengthening / weakening spells. Classic support class. The hunter is a marksman and master of traps. One of the most versatile classes. Shaman is a mixture of healer and mage classes, which also speaks of his versatility.

Leveling in Discord is implemented almost like in WoW, although skills are developed depending on their use. But like in WoW, there are abilities and talents. Talents are divided into two branches, with the possibility of combining.

The battles are carried out in real-time and look very dynamic (especially in groups) and with a rich set of tactical options. In addition to PvP and PvE battles, the game offers RvR battles with dozens of players. Dying in Discord is a rather unfortunate event, as things break and repairs are quite expensive. This feature certainly gives drive to battles.

As for the rest, it can be noted here: convenient movement between locations, interesting combat modes (from fights in the arena to fighting for territories), courteous and attentive administration. Overall, Discord is a good mix of PvP-focused action and a calm PvE component that can keep you busy for many hours.

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