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Divergence: Online
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Divergence: Online is a large-scale sandbox, made in a futuristic style. At its core, the game is a mixture of a classic third-person shooter and rpg. The project was originally started by a small team of designers back in 2006. True, in the subsequent development of the game began to seriously slow down, which was due to the lack of necessary funds and the unwillingness of the creators to work on the project together with large companies. After a certain delay, in 2013 the game was put up several times on the Indiegogo crowdfunding service, where it regularly managed to collect the required amount.

Project Features

Basically, Divergence: Online is a typical sandbox MMO. Everything you need for a real sandbox is here. You are offered complete freedom of action, a completely open world, the ability to change the objects around you to the maximum and, of course, a free PvP mode without any restrictions. The game will especially appeal to fans of hardcore, as there is a concept of permanent death. In addition, you can easily collect things from the corpses of your defeated rivals. The player will be able to choose one of five races, which are a kind of modifications of people.

Of course, the graphics here are not at the highest level, but according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, this is not something critical for a sandbox game. For such games, the complete absence of any restrictions plays a much greater role, thanks to which the player can freely grow crops, extract and process minerals, fight, trade and build houses.

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