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Divina Online
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Overview of the game Divina Online

For the most part, anime-style MMORPG games look so bright and colorful that they look very much like a decorated Christmas tree. This was written about more than once on the pages of the MMOTOP.ORG website. Indeed, the developers focus on special effects, forgetting about everything else. These games are often distinguished by primitive physics, a small number of locations and weak character animation. However, most anime fans are fine with that. The appearance of the Divina Online project may somewhat change the established stereotypes. It is clear that the game has not yet reached the level of Crysis, but even now it can become a serious competitor for many well-known projects. It is clear that the Japanese simply could not create a bad game in 2012.


Unfortunately, apart from the well-designed graphics in Divina Online, there are few really successful things. It turns out that in a beautiful new wrapper there was an old boring candy. The game features a banal and hackneyed plot, according to which the player will need to save the World Tree. In the project you will be asked to choose from five traditional classes - mage, killer, tank, healer and mechanic. Quests here also do not differ in variety and consist in the traditional kill someone or bring something. Of course, for newcomers to the genre, this may seem interesting, but for experienced gamers, this can only cause yawns.

Multi-class system

The only positive thing about the Divina Online project, apart from graphics, is the original multi-class system. With its help, the hero can simultaneously develop in two directions in one game. At the same time, switching between classes is possible almost instantly. This can also be done during battles. The new Sidekick system is also interesting. Basically, it is a common pet system known to us from many games. Its difference is only the ability to adjust the appearance of your being.


There is nothing more attractive in Divina Online. Of course, the game deserves to at least admire the beautiful picture. It is made so high quality that many people can simply attract. If you are not interested in the external surroundings, then this game is not for you.

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