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Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is an MMORPG based on the popular Doctor Who universe. It will not work to play the famous doctor, since the project is multiplayer, but in the process you will cross paths with him more than once and receive very important instructions.

After fifty years of the series, the Doctor received a continuation in this game, which turned out to be very, very worthy thanks to the work of concept artists and graphics designers. The project provides for customization of the appearance of your character in the creation window, which is more an exception than the usual norm for browsers. The options provided are not diverse enough, but human or alien models are unique, which does not allow them to get lost against the backdrop of landscapes and each other.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time has seven alien locations, a space colony and six planets, each of which is fundamentally different from the previous ones thanks to its unique surroundings. The style for all of the above is the same, but game and decorative items are full of differences, so you want to consider them and study them in as much detail as possible.

A wide variety of territories corresponds to the diversity of labor activity. To be useful to the Doctor, you need to participate in mini-games, of which there are six in the project. Repair - involves the repair of failed mechanics, Wits - will check your memory, having won your dialogue with the NPC will be completed successfully, Hack - opening enemy equipment, Barricade - building barriers from alien invaders, Lockpick - opening secret doors that open the way to valuable items , Combat - fight against opponents whose appearance is very impressive. Gamers within the same location unite and perform several tasks in parallel at once, for example, repel enemy attacks, fix something and build fortifications against the next wave of invaders.

The project provides everyone with a great time, acting as a colorful interactive forum for fans of the universe of the series. The main character in Doctor Who: Worlds in Time with voice acting from AI is rather secondary, it's a pity that these are not developers on duty at the keyboard in order to give lively thoughts to the hero.

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