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DOFUS game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 5, 2005
Game class / Title: A
Game engine Unknown
Ankama Games
Subscription / Pay to Play

Dofus takes us into a magical, 2D turn-based MMORPG world with cartoony, slightly infantile graphics. An isometric projection coupled with a riot of bright colors could turn Dofus into a French clone of Ragnarok online, if not for one, but very significant "but." And this "but" is turn-based gameplay, dear to the heart of any old-school player and not quite familiar to fans of mainstream MMORPG projects. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be not entirely digestible for most gamers, but for fans of a turn-based, thoughtful match (of which there are quite a few among MMOTOP.ORG visitors), it can become a long-awaited comeback of the genre.

Strange as it may seem, the style of the game, which in terms of brightness of colors resembles a budgerigar painted by an impressionist artist, along with the ability to customize the coloring of the character altogether, does not make you want to turn off the game, stick the fork into the screen and throw it out the open window. But so many projects of Korean developers have failed in European sales for this reason. The game, so to speak, walked along the blade's edge, balancing between oriental expression and European conservatism.

Classes in the game

A separate pepper in the game adds to the implementation of the racial-class system of characters. The developers decided to stand out from the crowd (as if the turn-based gameplay was not enough) and approached the above issue with a twinkle. There are currently 15 races in the game, and each is a part-time class. Yes, the canon is preserved. There are tanks, DP, and supports in the game, but... How do you like such a class as "Fingers of Cladopat" or "Heart of Top"?

As it is clear from the Dofus genre marking, you are unlikely to have to hack'n'slash through the hosts of monsters from the underworld, splashing adrenaline on the walls and randomly finding household members nearby. Instead, the game can offer a thoughtful gamer the to slowly plan his attack and predict the opponent's actions, which is 50% of successful match-making. And matches in Dofus are pretty massive. The group can include up to eight people.

Balance and modes

The issue with the balance of classes (races) is interestingly resolved. In the game, a decisive role is played not only and not so much by damage dealers as by competent supports and controllers. Moreover, the latter is quoted as an uber class. After all, it is the controller that carries out the function of the attack coordinator, slowing down, stunning, and helping the rest of the squad members to take the most advantage for a crushing dash (if the very concept of a "jerk" applies to a turn-based strategy). There are a lot of combat modes, by the way. In addition to the classic "arena" mode, there are real battles for the regions, guild wars, and even large-scale clashes of opposing factions.

Crafts and a couple of last words

Craft in the game is implemented at the highest level. The number of professions available for study exceeds two dozen. At the same time, the lion's share is crafted to manufacture ammunition of one kind or another, which can later be sold on the local market for an excellent profit. The disgusting and tedious process of gathering is reduced to a minimum and is represented by a few professions, which cannot but rejoice.

The game turned out to be rich, dense, and full-fledged. But, of course, there are not so many fans of the turn-based MMORPG genre, and most will prefer waving a phantasmagoric two-handed weapon to launch fireballs at everything that moves. Still, an experienced, thoughtful player will find an outlet in this leisurely, calm, almost chess game.

Game information last update: 02.05.2024

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