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Dogs of the Seas
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Dogs of the Seas is a browser-based MMORPG about pirates. You will have the opportunity to equip your own bay with a fortress, docks, a forge, a market and other buildings. The arrangement process is very interesting, the main thing is not to go to the bottom of the sea or the gallows.

The gameplay allows you to become a merchant and, having got hold of money, gradually get your own fleet of buccaneers at your disposal. You can also just go rob NPC merchants. It is still allowed to establish an alliance and plunge into the political life of the Caribbean islands during the Golden Age of piracy or buy real estate.

Dogs of the Seas provides a lot of opportunities, which will take more than one week of playing time to master. There are more than five hundred harbors in the game alone, and this does not include sea fortresses that provide valuable artifacts. The arsenal includes twenty types of ships of various purposes and tonnage, these are clumsy trading schooners, combat frigates and other types of sailing ships.

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