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Dogs of War is a tactical turn-based MMO that shows everyone what will happen if the power on the planet falls into the hands of transnational corporations. The developers from the CrazyBit studio have already managed to please the players of the completely crazy RPG "Full Pi", with crowds of zombies in the face of nurses and homeless people, the creators did not stop there and the result was the appearance of the Dogs of War.

The game takes place in one of the African republics called Corazona. Waking up one "beautiful" day, the population found that the streets of the city were strewn with tanks and paratroopers, the reason for this was the change of the current dictator to a new one, named Alfredo Pressner, elevated to such a high rank by the Enigma Corporation. But bad luck, the puppet turned out to be with its ambitions and thoughts previously unknown to anyone. Thus, Pressner, having got what he wanted, sent the corporation on foot and began to enjoy the advantages of the position. They would have lived like this if the coup had not exposed the information that there are deposits of valuable resources in Corazon, which became known to such all-powerful organizations as the Freedom Army and the League of Mercenaries. Thus began an armed turmoil in which we are offered to participate in WarDogs, being the commander of a mercenary detachment.

As for the game world, it looks like the style of the famous Fallout. You have to control several soldiers with different abilities, who, as they develop, accumulate new skills, weapons and equipment. The atmosphere of the world after a nuclear war is not in the game, but the trump card is still hidden in the sleeve in the form of PvP, seasoned in abundance with bloody scenes. The struggle of gamers is realized in the form of a large-scale war between mercenaries and partisans of the factions described above, with periodic raids by Enigma representatives. Note that for a confident game you need to devote a lot of time to completing quests, the essence of which is to kill the agents of the Enigma Corporation. If everything goes right, then your soldiers will resemble porcupines, with the exception that instead of needles, dry rations, grenades, brass knuckles and first-aid kits will stick out of them. But there will be no opportunity to start accumulating stocks, since the project is focused on almost continuous battles and fights.

The tactical part of the game is simple and clear enough that even a small child can play. But do not think that the developers focused on the children's audience, they just decided that their offspring should contribute to relaxation, and not pumping out the last forces. In short, the Dogs of War should be to the liking of those who want to relax after a hard day of school or work.

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