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Dominion Brotherhood
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The Brotherhood of Dominion is a browser-based strategy game from ESPRIT GAMES, featuring 3D graphics, good detail, bright, acidic special effects, and all the charms of the genre. It is worth noting that the project is based on John Tolkien's fantasy saga "The Lord of the Rings", but the idea is radically different.

The fact is that it is not the factions of elves, dwarves, humans, orcs, and so on that are fighting here, but ordinary Lords, where each has its own territory. All of them want to get the Dominion Brotherhood - new lands, fraught with the mystery of the powerful Ring of Power. Like any strategy, the basis of the game is the development of your castle, the improvement and hiring of troops, as well as the seizure of other people's possessions.

Moving around the map is gradual, while battles are calculated instantly. Victory or defeat in a battle depends on the combat power indicator, which is determined by the type of troops, the quality of the hero, and so on. Also in the game there is PvP, the ability to join a guild for more confident survival, joint sieges and easy improvement.

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