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Doom Warrior Online
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Overview of the game Doom Warrior Online

Doom Warrior is a fairly brutal MMORPG made in fantasy style. It is based on brutal battles with insidious barbarians. According to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the game looks even too harsh. It seems that it was created by the descendants of real bearded Vikings who drink one ale and can easily crush the skull of their enemy with their bare hands. However, at the same time, the project looks quite beautiful and spectacular.

Game features

The game universe of Doom Warrior is divided into certain climatic zones, among which there are snow-covered mountains, rainy forests and even a hot desert. However, the main feature of the game is not this, but the complete absence of any restrictions in pumping heroes. Agree, this is the main dream of many fans of the MMORPG genre. That is, in Doom Warrior you will have the opportunity to endlessly develop your hero. As a result, you can achieve truly cosmic statistics. Another attractive feature is the ability to create your own unique weapon design. For this purpose, the developers have added to the project an item similar to the horadric cube in Diablo. It is also worth noting that here you can take part in epic battles with colorful raid bosses.


To date, the Doom Warrior project is at the stage of closed beta testing. At the same time, there is basically no information about the launch of the game. Although, it can be assumed that it will be able to officially come out somewhere by the end of this year.

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