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Doomlord is a browser-based MMORPG project from the Beholder studio that has been stable since 2010 and delights players with its fantasy universe called Galla. According to the plot, the magical world was infected with a strange infection that turned almost the entire population into insane monsters. The player also stands for the chosen one, who will have to stop the epidemic and restore harmony in this world.

The gameplay of the game is mostly text-based, with the exception of a few arts. So the outcome of the fight often has to be observed in the form of tables and graphs. PvE in the game is presented in an unusual way: right during the battles with monsters, various questions pop up. Answering them correctly, the player can get good bonuses. By the way, these questions are often written by the players themselves, and after checking by the administration, they appear in the game. PvP, on the other hand, comes down to the usual turn-based block/hit combat.

At the same time, Doomlord has a whole series of championships and various events in which you need to fight each other, with hordes of monsters or look for a lost treasure. Having taken level 24, users can use the auction, where many equipment and unique artifacts are bought and sold.

In general, the Hungarian developers from the Beholder studio did a great job creating a multilingual, interesting, browser-based game that both russian (the terrorist state) and European players from different countries can play on the same server.

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