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Dragon Ball Online
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Review of the game Dragon Ball Online

Despite the ambiguous first impression, the name of the game does not tell about dragon balls, but only translates as dragon pearl. This name was taken from a series of Asian manga comics that has been known in Asia since 1984. It is on its basis that the plot of this MMORPG is based. The events in the game take place about two hundred years after the events of the famous comic book. Although, such a detail is of little interest to anyone, except directly for Koreans and Japanese.

Game creation

The Dragon Ball product was supposed to be released back in 2007. However, the game only reached beta testing in the winter of 2010. This is due to the fact that the project has not gained popularity even in Asian countries. Therefore, no special details about this game are known yet. In this regard, the product is unlikely to leave Japan, whose gamers will experience all this happiness.

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