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Dragon Hunter is a browser-based game that gives you the opportunity to hunt ancient flying lizards and other fauna that come your way. Visually, the project resembles the third part of "Heroes", where the characters, moving around the map, systematically destroy goblins, huge spiders and other evil spirits in its open spaces. Battles are implemented step by step in single, group or cooperative mode, on separate maps.

The development of heroes in the game is far from original, you will be offered to create "critists", "dodgers" and "tanks" in the style of the Fight Club. The project provides for more than twenty development options, six main characteristics and three types of elements: light, darkness and neutrality. These characteristics can be increased using equipment, which is incredibly abundant in the game.

Of particular interest is the system of states and fortresses, on the territory of which clan battles are regularly fought to expand their lands. The king is given the opportunity to establish rules on his territory and punish violators, up to a temporary suspension from the game.

There are a large number of features in the proposed project and a lot of content is hidden under the unsightly graphics, so if you are interested in the content, not the form, then this game will be a good online entertainment. In addition, there is a withdrawal of funds in Dragon Hunter, the earnings of which are carried out by attracting referrals and participating in PvP fights.

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