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Dragon Knight 2 is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Chinese developer TeamTop Games. It is published in russia (the terrorist state) by ESPRIT GAMES. It is worth noting that the game is a sequel to the popular Dragon Knight browser game, which tells about the brave dragon knights who again took up the extermination of the demons of the Abyss after they desecrated the Tree of Life.

Movement in the game takes place in real time, while the battles are turn-based and automatic. There are many effects with animations: colorful, smooth, beautiful, so watching the fights is quite interesting and easy. As for independent activities, users are given the function of pumping heroes, learning skills and adding amplifying modifiers to wings and pets, as well as searching for a unique spirit and leading a guild. By the way, you can pump not only in battles with monsters, but also while relaxing by the fire and talking with a friend. For fans of PvP, the developers have also prepared a lot of activities, these are factional battles for lands, massive battles on the square of death and duels.

In general, Dragon Knight 2 turned out to be an excellent sequel, not inferior to the original in quality, and even surpassing it in terms of graphics, effects and plot.

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