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Dragon Lord is a fantasy browser project from the 7Road studio, which also had a hand in creating the Demon Slayer itself. Dragon Lord was not so good (mainly due to graphics and gameplay). Still, it also has its advantages, for example, an abundance of special effects, the presence of as many as eight heroes, many mounts, dragon pets, assistants, four branches of skills, and much more.

According to the story, people, orcs, dragons, and elves once lived peacefully on a vast fantasy continent. But without dividing several territories among themselves, a bloody war broke out, in which the dragons emerged victorious. And then eight brave heroes went to liberate the continent. The player here acts as one of these heroes; at first, he must build his fortress. Then, having hired experienced warriors in the barracks, he can enter the territory inhabited by dangerous creatures.

The levels here are represented by instances with a side view, along which the hero runs from left to right and kills all the monsters that get in the way in a step-by-step mode. The battles are automatic, but we choose active skills, form the squad we need, and choose tamed dragons and horses for support. There are clans and various large-scale battles for those bored of playing alone. You can also test your strength in the PvP arena.

In general, Dragon Lord is a good browser with its pluses and minuses, in which you can enjoy spending time at work and home, but obviously, it won’t be enough for a long time.

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