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Dragon Nest game overview

Dragon Nest
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: August 1, 2010
Game class / Title: A
Game engine Unknown
Eyedentity Games
Free to Play

russian (the terrorist state) consumers are far from always able to accept the kawaii offspring of the east on their land. Let them still love big eyes and low voices, but narrow-eyed products have become dull with us. A vivid example of this was Dragonica, which could hardly stand on its feet and managed to take place in the hearts of some gamers of the site MMOTOP.ORG. Following her, Dragon Nest wormed its way into the ranks of the eastern conquerors of hard drives, and it is not yet possible to say whether it will "shoot" or not.


It is worth starting with the significant disadvantages of the game. The game is simply replete with cuteness and kawaii, giant heads, and awkward other parts of the body. This may come to someone's taste, but you will not attract an ordinary player. Linking classes to the gender of the character was also not the best solution. The appearance editor is impossibly stingy. As soon as you get to the city - wait for a meeting with heaps of your goggle-eyed counterparts. By the way, it is in the cities that you will be able to meet your comrades-in-arms because, in general, the game is made in the style of Guild Wars, i.e., divided into instanced zones that open after passing the previous one, in general, a dull corridor.

Combat system

Well, here, our disappointments should come to an end because. We got to the combat system. There is an opinion that Dragon Nest was developed as a slasher for the console and later migrated to the category of MMOs. Hence this hurricane combat came about.

The fights look great and are very dynamic in the spirit of DMC. Male characters are slightly heavier than girls, so it is still possible for an unprepared player to follow them, but the ladies rush across the screen at incredible speed. So the speed of this game is not the main thing. It is essential to take the correct position for a strike and constantly stay on the move. There is even a special button that turns your avatar 180 degrees.

It is worth a little delay or distraction - you are a corpse. You took the wrong position and delivered the terrible blow - you are a corpse. They stayed too long in defense and did not counterattack in time ... you know further—tough and cheeky non-target in all its glory.


Despite the brutal combat, everything looks quite friendly, and sometimes you can give out good combos just by randomly poking the keys, but doing this will only work in PvE. Those bored of exterminating mindless mobs can try themselves against the same players. To clarify the relationship, there are three modes: Detmach, zombie mod, and capture the flag. It is worth noting that Dragon nest has long been an official esports discipline with international tournaments in Korea.


There are only four classes in the game, but after pumping, it will be possible to choose a further development milestone, 2 per class. For example, a cleric can choose between a tanky paladin and a great healer, a sorceress can become a pure damage dealer or spend some of her power on control abilities, a warrior can train to be a fast swordsman or a tight and slow guard, and an archer can further learn attacks from a distance or gain incredible speed and maneuverability in close combat.


Dragon Nest does not shine with various outfits; instead, each item from the inventory can be strengthened. In addition, the game has a system of titles and coats of arms that increase your character's performance. There are no professions in the game. Everything is simplified to ordinary crafting. Any surface can create any item, and the main thing is to find the ingredients.


Let outwardly, the game appears before us as another Asian slasher, but in reality, it is an excellent and self-sufficient product. The slasher came out bright and confident, with a great role-playing and cooperative component. Unfortunately, the implementation didn't disappoint either.

Game information last update: 30.01.2024

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