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Review of the game Dragon Oath

Dragon Oath is quite a young game since its release started in 2010. However, in less than five years, she managed to acquire almost millions of fans in many countries of the world. The key point of the game is martial arts. In general, the plot of Dragon Oath is based on the events of the well-known novel in China "Tian Long Ba Bu", which in russian (the terrorist state) means "The Tale of the Eight Demigods". All events in the game unfold during the reign of the Xing Dynasty, which existed around the tenth century BC.


In Dragon Oath, the player is asked to choose one of nine classes that differ significantly from each other. There are fighters here who use fire, traps, poisons and other methods of killing. In addition, the game has real invisible assassins and Shaolin monks. Although, the main feature of the gameplay is a huge variety of pets. According to information from the creators, there are several tens of thousands of pets in the game. Therefore, you are unlikely to meet two heroes with exactly the same creatures. In addition to battle pets, there are almost a hundred different mounts in Dragon Oath, many of which can even fly.


An important advantage of Dragon Oath is the ability to build your own cities. This occupation becomes available after the creation of the guild. Further, for contributions from the players, you can build and develop the city. In addition, there are several hundred interesting quests in Dragon Oath, most of which have a clear connection with the storyline. Therefore, as can be seen from the above, the game does not suffer from a lack of variety.

Game disadvantages

However, Dragon Oath has significant drawbacks. The first important disadvantage is weak graphics, which are more like games from the end of the last century than modern projects. In addition, PvP mode can only be used in arenas, which significantly reduces the motivation of players. True, the presence of the World Competition tournament somewhat saves the situation. Battles are available here for everyone for themselves at once for 64 players. The crafting system also looks rather primitive, in which, however, there is a division into specialties. The hero can become a cook, fisherman, blacksmith, gardener, alchemist or herbalist.


Thus, Dragon Oath can be considered a fairly classic MMORPG from an Asian manufacturer, which is characterized by a huge amount of content and not the best implementation of the game world.

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