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Dragon Raja is a fairly old 2D fantasy project. It has been repeatedly mentioned on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The plot of the game intertwines many different myths and legends, among which the main role is given to dragons. In the game, they play the role of not riding creatures at all, but the real masters of 4 irreconcilable races. These races have been fighting among themselves for dominance in the Dragonlands for many years.

Game content

Looking at the numbers alone, Dragon Raja has some pretty decent content. There are almost 80 monsters, almost a hundred types of armor and one and a half hundred types of weapons. However, all this diversity is predominantly theoretical. In Dragon Raja, each class only has the ability to wear certain equipment. As for the classes, there are also quite a few of them. The game offers five classes of characters, including a thief, a priest, a wizard, a warrior and an archer. In addition to military areas, the game traditionally offers peaceful specialties, such as a fisherman, a miner, a forester, a butcher and a herbalist.

Picture and animation

Unfortunately, the graphics in Dragon Raja are at a very low level, which was the result of laziness of the creators and insufficient funding. The picture features cheap, unpretentious textures, rectangular faces of the characters and disgusting animation. To understand what the picture looks like, there is even no need to spend time downloading the client (which, by the way, takes more than 500 Mb). You just need to remember what Diablo 2 was with a resolution of 640x480 and then everything will become clear to you. Given all this, it remains unclear why gamers even play this strange game from an unknown company DR-Global.

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