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Dragon ring
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Dragon Ring is a browser-based project from 101XP that combines beautiful 3D graphics, a "slick" plot (it will become clear later) and a real-time combat system. According to the story, the once great and prosperous kingdom of Andimore was attacked by a dark lord who destroyed the great ring of omnipotence and quarreled between people and elves.

As protectors of the realm, we are called upon to reunite a once great alliance with a new dragon-powered ring forged by a powerful mage. Among the features of the game, one can single out simply huge dungeons, inter-server battles, a unique system of rings with individual characteristics, a large number of modes (from Tower Defense to classic capture the flag) and full customization, including changing the appearance of each item of equipment.

In general, like all browser games from 101XP, Dragon Ring turned out to be of high quality, with its own zest and interesting gameplay that allows you to pass the time with pleasure during breaks at work or for people with limited technical capabilities.

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