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The Dragon Saga is an isometric fantasy browser-based MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Chaot. Here, for several thousand years, two warlike races have been fighting: Tanats and Bergs.

There are four classes in the game: the Trickster, the Priest, the Warrior and the Mage, who, after a long and hard pumping, receive two different specializations. For the Trickster, this is the Archer and Assassin, for the Mage - the Necromancer and Wizard, the Warrior can become a Shieldbearer or Berserker, and the Priest can turn into a Paladin or Healer. The player is not hindered by restrictions here, since the talent system is reminiscent of Path of Exile, where the player is free to go in any direction.

The combat system in the game uses an ordinary point`n`click, that is, in order to attack an enemy, you must select it with the mouse at the target. Further, the player only presses the skills tied to the keys in an amount from 1 to 9 pieces. This shortcoming of course greatly hinders the game, which certainly does not give the action that is seen in Diablo or other games on the Hack'n'slash system. But old-school players will like it here.

It can also please that the project has a huge amount of different content: these are 48 locations, more than 400 types of weapons, about 100 different skills and 180 sets of armor. There are clan wars and gold mines, the capture of castles, a large number of dungeons, which, of course, is very good for a browser game.

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