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Dragon Sword is an Action/MMORPG by Chinese company NetEase and their first attempt at making a competitor to Blade & Soul. An attempt is not bad, but suffering from one serious ailment - secondary. Blade & Soul's ears stick out from everywhere - in the character editor, the combat system, the presentation of the material, and gameplay in general.

If you believe the Chinese, then they took a very technologically advanced for its time and by the standards of the MMORPG engine of their design as the basis for Dragon Sword. If you have watched videos about this game, you understand that it looks worthwhile. And this applies not only to territories but also to characters, special effects, and animation. Since fights are the basis of this game, the main emphasis was placed on them. The combat system is based on auto-target guidance, which allows it to stand out with good dynamics against the background of boring analogs.

Unfortunately, the project did not meet the publisher's expectations, who soon switched to the much more promising Revelation. The latter also looks much like Blade & Soul but has more originality and content.

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