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Dragona Online game overview

Dragona Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: June 1, 2012
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

For fans of fresh online projects and English language, Dragona Online can be a great entertainment in the cold and slushy season. The game has beautiful graphics, an interesting game world and an original style of characters. Of course, he did not make any revolution in the genre, but in fact it turned out to be a rather interesting game.

Distinctive features

The main difference between Dragona Online and other projects of the genre is a unique transformation mechanism. It allows you to change the appearance and at the same time improve the combat parameters of the heroes. However, this idea is not really new. It has already taken place in the Seventh Element project as Wrath or in Requiem Online as a mutation. We have already written about these projects on the MMOTOP.ORG website. However, the creators of the game decided to go further and introduced two types of transformations into the game - full and partial.

Transformation system

Through a whole chain of quests up to level 20, you will be able to learn the abilities necessary for a partial transformation. Due to this transformation, you will have the opportunity to change individual parts of the body. Changing hands gives you a bonus to attack, and changing legs gives you an increase in running speed, and so on. In the most problematic situations, the heroes will have to use the full transformation option. Each class has its own special complete transformation. Its activation adds new skills to the character, which immediately appear on the hotbar. It is clear that such a transformation has a time limit. In addition, for its implementation it is necessary to use the energy of CORE. As a rule, usually the full version of the transformation lasts no more than three minutes.

playable races

The game has 4 races, each of which includes 2 classes. The class definition has a clear reference to gender. At the same time, 5 classes in the game are considered long-range damage dealers, and 3 others are considered melee fighters. The system of abilities and skills is absolutely free, which contributes to the "build-building".


All skills in the game are divided into passive and active. Each skill has two dozen levels of development. To increase these skills, you don't have to do mass grinding, torturing yourself and the monsters. It will be possible to gain experience here not only by killing monsters, but also by completing various interesting tasks.


In the gameplay, I really liked the system with which you can receive tasks automatically. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of time looking for the necessary quest. As for the variety of things, this element of the game is clearly not up to the required level. At the same time, improving equipment is quite difficult and problematic. So, it turns out to be very difficult to get the stones necessary to enhance the parameters. In addition, you can easily lose them in an interesting game, somewhat similar to a chess game. The crafting system in Dragona Online also looks quite simple, but it is very difficult to obtain the ingredients for it. It is worth noting the PvP mode, which is offered here in three versions - in the form of a free RK, arenas for battles and wars between guilds. Almost all the battles in the game take place in the arenas of local cities. In addition, every two hours you get the opportunity to participate in team battles.


In general, the positive qualities of Dragona Online can only be noted bright animation and beautiful design. As for the gameplay, it is rather boring as it lacks new ideas. Although, for true fans of the genre, there are interesting activities here. In addition, we hope that the creators of the project will not stop, but will want to improve this rather promising game.

Game information last update: 07.01.2024

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