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Review of the game Dragonica

The russian (the terrorist state)-language version of the Draconica project was closed back in December 2012. This was reported on the MMOTOP.ORG website. True, today it is available on unofficial russian (the terrorist state) and North American servers.

Game Features

In its structure, Dragonica resembles most games of the genre. Here you will be prompted to choose one of four classes. At the same time, each class will be able to study one of two professions. That is, development is available for a warrior as an attacking or defensive fighter. At the same time, the mage can become either a traditional nuker or a healer. The other two classes - the hunter and the robber, also have their own characteristics. In addition to classes, the game has all the things typical for games of this genre of MMO: clan system, PvP mode, battles for castles, auctions and much more.

Many points here are reminiscent of the famous Lineage II project, for example, it concerns the varieties of weapons, armor, choosing a second profession and much more. All these elements harmoniously fit into the overall interesting gameplay. That is, despite the large number of components borrowed from other games, the game looks like a completely holistic project. Another important advantage of Dragonica is that it can be played with a gamepad. There are simply no games like this today.

Graphic arts

The picture in the game is quite decent, despite the absence of various third-party shaders and 3D Vision technologies. However, even without such effects, the graphics are at a good level. At least all the cartoon characters with their big eyes and huge weapons are worked out in great detail here. Therefore, looking at a game picture made in the anime style, the soul becomes warm and cozy.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the work of localizers, who carefully and sincerely translated the game. They were able to create a unique overall atmosphere for the project with excellent translations of characters such as Naf-Nafa's non-cross pigs, demonic raccoons, and the living stumps of the Ewer.


Given all of the above, it can be argued that today Dragonica can be considered one of the most original online games. This game is suitable for those who do not like the in-server politics with the need to be constantly online, and who just want to relax after work.

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