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Dragon`s Call
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Review of the game Call of the Dragon

Call of the Dragon is a browser project by EverDream studio with a beautiful and diverse fantasy world, offering users a classic leveling of heroes, four character classes and just a huge amount of content.

At the beginning, we choose one of the four classes, it can be an assassin, warrior, mage or vampire. Such a small number of archetypes is easily compensated by a large amount of equipment, which is why almost every hero, in addition to unique skills, also owns unique equipment. Gear is mined in large locations, which, by the way, can easily compete with global maps in some browsers. Travel is possible both with the help of portals and manually, however, it is desirable to do this in the latter way, because because of the portals you can easily miss part of the plot and some beautiful views.

Since the pumping in the game is classic and is done according to the type of fight / complete quests / get a level, the developers decided to dilute this business with a team game. Visiting the dungeons here is possible only in a group of several players, who, by the way, must more or less play, otherwise the dungeon will not work.

Of course, these are not all the features that you can see in the Call of the Dragon browser. Among other things, there is earnings on the labor exchange, a complex system for improving equipment, arena PvP, a guild system, in general, everything that really makes the game exciting and diverse, and also allows you not to get out of it for several months.

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