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Dragon’s ProphetSavage Hunt: Dragon’s Prophet
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Review of Dragon's Prophet

The authors of the sensational Runes of Magic released a free multiplayer game Dragon`s Prophet, the main feature of which was the very dragons that you have to tame, saddle, dress and swing. The MMOTOP.ORG portal took a quick look at this undoubtedly interesting and non-standard product.

Humans and their dragons

Players are represented by only one race - people. Dragons (and their four classes are flying, hovering, floating and moving on the ground) for them are not only a means of transportation - a mount, but also a reliable companion, taking on the lion's share of the work of dealing damage. Also, these "cute" animals (of which there are as many as 320 varieties in the game, which somewhat dilutes the lack of choice of the character's race) are able to impose both positive buffs on their master and debuff enemies.

Each of the 320 species has its own characteristics and skills, which, coupled with the player's class skills (and there are only four classes - warrior, archer, mage and support) creates a wide field for multi-class experiments. The game uses a non-target system, which guarantees non-linear battles and the ability to create real combo chains. This system, of course, is not very convenient for adherents of fireballs and bows, because the worse the sight is taken, the less damage you will inflict on the enemy, but with an accurate hit, the damage can be truly devastating.

In general, the game will obviously not leave indifferent not only fans of fire-breathing reptiles and grandiose battles in the air, but also just gamers who want to bring fresh game mechanics to the boring and rather monotonous gameplay of MMORPG projects.

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