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Dragons of Eternity is a fantasy 3D MMORPG developed by Q1 and published in russia (the terrorist state) by Game Insight. The game is available both on mobile platforms iOS and Android, and in the browser version. The project is distributed according to the Free-to-play scheme and does not require any financial investments.

According to the plot

The action of the game "Dragons of Eternity" takes place in the magical and dangerous world of Adan, inhabited by intelligent races, monsters and, of course, dragons. Here you will have to choose one of the opposing sides: the empire of Sadar or Valor, who have long been fighting for the continent of Tart. From time to time, a third opposing side appears in Adana - the army of the dark gods Shaab, breaking through from the world of the Abyss. The start of the game takes place in the Academy of War - the famous building where dragon knights are trained, who are equally good at cold weapons and magic, and who must end the war on the continent.


Having created and configured the character (yes, there is customization), we proceed to the choice of class. There are only three of them in the game: berserker, paladin and witcher. Fights between opponents take place in turn-based mode. Each player alternately chooses the place of attack (leg, hand), and the second at this time determines the place for defense, and it is possible to choose from a huge number of strikes, like magic, weapons, spell scrolls, etc.. Defeat or victory comes at the end enemy hp. The main goal of the game is to gradually level up the character, collect loot from monsters and complete the story.

Among the key features, one can also single out the ability to get a dragon companion, the presence of mounts, the presence of instances available for passing alone or with friends, various professions and constant game events.

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